Wednesday, November 24, 2004
  'tis the season Evenings seem like such a waste when you don't get to work on projects, especially when the days keep ticking away. This campus is going to be empty today, everybody always takes the day before the holiday off, so I brought my knitting to work. Teehee, I'm going to try to finish my sock sitting at my desk.

I'm sure everybody reads and knows Wendy and Lucy, she is only the most famous Knitblogger ever. Today's post is about a very cool charity. If you haven't yet, check it out, she's made donating very easy and if we all just donate a few bucks who knows how many knitting baskets we could send. Wow! The power and kindness of the knitblogging community is amazing. Aaah, one's very own sheep and llamas.

Speaking of charities, I really must do a few afghan squares this weekend, or actually tonight, so I can bring it to Jessica's tomorrow. Really, how long can a 9x9 square take. JUST DO IT (that was me talking to myself)

Now about this cookie exchange, I make a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie, my own made up recipe....but alas Al is already doing chocolate chips. bars, like a very yummy cherry almond bar count as cookies. Or should I stick with another ol' faithful like my also made up oatmeal cookie, or thumprints with apricot jam, or hershey kiss cookies, or snickerdoodles YUM!......oh my, the decisions.
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