Saturday, October 16, 2004
  Beautiful morning Woke up this morning and it is 79 degrees in my apartment with no air conditioning! I wish I had a backyard to sit outside and drink my coffee and knit, I really must think about purchasing a home, but I think my yarn addiction is acting as a deterent! HA

I finished my cabled headband, after I ripped out the first attempt and it is just lovely. It just may be the most beautiful thing I have ever made. The cables came out just perfect and it is so soft. It is for a skier in Park City Utah, so I hope that she likes it as much as I do. Although, I agree with what Brooke has to say about knitting for Christmas. Christmas and gift giving in general is so out of control that the 'regift' is part of our vernacular. I know that people probably won't appreciate my hand knits as much as they would something that I purchased on sale at the the last minute. However, I think that the gifts I'm giving this year mean more than the ones I have given in the past. From the choosing of just the right pattern and the purchasing of just the right yarn, to the labor of making the gift, more thought goes into each gift than making a simple purchase. Not to mention, I am having a blast making takes the stress out of Christmas shopping (of course the stress of trying to finish everything replaces the stress of shopping).

Thankfully, there are some people in my family that really like handmade gifts, my mom is a quilter, a sewer, a crocheter, a cross stitcher, and just a crafty chic in general. Last year I cross stitched a little fairy for her and it was the first time any of her children (she has four) made something for her and she almost cried! She just loves that a couple of her daughters have discovered the joy in what she likes to refer to as the lost arts. My little sister Sam (some of you have met her) is into knitting too. I think my Grandma will appreciate a hand knit as well. She is a painter, and for several Christmases she gave everyone one of her water colors. I loved them! They were original and beautiful and always had them exquisitely framed. She stopped giving them as gifts b/c she didn't think people liked them. I wish she would start again.

I think the moral of this rant is that gifts are supposed to be special. We should give them because we want to, not because we feel obligated. We give people gifts because we love them. I can't think of anything more thoughtful than knitting with somebody in mind, so if they don't like it...don't wear it....complain about it....that's fine. I know its a special gift, whether they do or not.


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