Monday, November 15, 2004
  tension smension Something is different, I'm not sure what it is, but my tension has changed. Maybe this happens to everyone the longer they knit, maybe its because I've become comfortable enough to not hold the needles so tight my hands get stuck in permanent knitting position. I'm not sure, but it is annoying. I used to go up needles, now I have to go down needles AND I use more yarn. Which is really what this is about. Last night I was happily knitting and almost finished with Wendy's cat bed for my sister, when AAAGGHHHH.....I ran out of yarn. I bought FOUR hanks of Brown Sheep Lambs Pride worsted, granted I held two strands together to get a bulkier weight. The pattern only calls for one and a little bit of another skein of Noro Kureyon bulk, which has less yardage that Brown Sheep. Each hank has over 200 yards. So I should have plenty, right. I figure over 400 yards of wool is more than enough. NOOoooooo.

I have never, ever run out of yarn. I usually have more left than I know what to do with. Of couse, Fiber Factory isn't open today. So I can't go get another hank and I so wanted to be done with another Christmas project. I was on a roll and now I've run out of steam *sigh*

I ordered my Ribbi yarn on Thursday so it should be here any day now. Sorry about skipping out on Changing Hands on Friday. I got the 'but its Friday' from DB. He made it up to me by taking me to the Graduate on Sat. We got GREAT seats for $20 a piece! It was ok, just ok. Morgan Fairchild is no Ann Margaret and whoever it was is no Dustin Hoffman. Plus, they hardly played any of the soundtrack. The soundtrack really made the movie. Oh well, it was fun anyway and I'm making him go to the Lion King in Jan.

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