Thursday, January 20, 2005
  Er Argh hee hee....Buffy and Angel were and will always be my favorite guilty pleasure, and if you know Er Argh, then you know a littl about Buffyverse as well. Heaven, for me would be watching the all seven and five season DVD's and knitting with no interruptions.

Anyway, er argh because I have a case of new phrase for being too busy to knit. The first week of the semester is always a little nuts, but MAN.....I worked almost 12 hours yesterday and missed Mama Java's. I was not a happy camper. Apparently, I wasn't the only one either. Yesterday just must've been a bad SNB meet up karma day.

Ok, so I'm gonna fess up now. I finished the second panel of ribby cardi and *deep breath* the armhole decreases are on the WRONG side. Go ahead finish laughing.

It is pretty funny actually....I mean, why didn't I notice it was backwards. Er Argh. I'll post a pic, just so everyone can see what a dumbass I can be. I need to knit something in the round, on my addi turbos and just veg with it. I also need to come up with some other projects...I mean I HAD to put ribbi down, b/c it just makes me mad. hmmmm....I think I'm off to Fiber Factory.

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