Friday, February 18, 2005
  What's this.... The top of a crochet hat, or maybe a coaster. Haven't decided. That's what it is. Am I doing it right? I have no idea. Do I care? Only a little. I figured out how to single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, slip and join a chain to crochet in the round. (this took a little while). All in one evening. I'm increasing, just don't know if I'm increasing the 'right' way. I may need Pam's help this weekend! Hee Hee.

and what's this....
A not so flattering picture of a package full of valentine's cheer from my super cute secret pal. How did you know that I LOVE Bazooka and that I haven't had them since I was a can see I've already been in them. The soap smells wonderful, I refrained from opening it until I could take a pic and I am enjoying a very lovely cup of hot chai tea as we speak. Oh, and your poem....CUTE. It made me laugh. THANKS LILY!

Happy Friday and Happy three day weekend! 
Thursday, February 17, 2005
  Right minded I've decided that my brain functions differently, certainly not better or worse, just different. I am able to follow a written pattern, but they frustrate the hell out of me. I like charts better. I think this comes from my mom. The women can create anything- except a decent meal (that I get from my dad.) She uses patterns but mostly just for the picture because she NEVER follows them and her work is amazing. She taught herself to sew, quilt, crossstich, embroider, needlepoint, crochet and knit and she does it all ass backwards. But it doesn't matter, it works for her. She could never teach me, because she just does it, it makes sense to her, but not anyone else. From now on I'm going to do things in this unconventional way. Why? Because I've messed up my ribby panels only 3,000 times trying to follow the pattern literally. This does not work for me. I think when it comes to the creative parts of my life I need to let my right brain do its thing, rather than trying to be analytical and logical-which I think tends to be a downfall of mine. I mean I am left handed and my right brain functions pretty well...I should let it.

Hence....tonight I crochet damnit. I am going to make a flower and no left brain antics will stop me. Then, this weekend I am going to take my mom's older sewing maching AND serger because she never uses the $1000 machine and I'm going to make myself a needle roll.

There have been no pictures, because there is nothing to show. Also, I have to go on a yarn diet, because I have to save my pennies for the knitting cruise in Sept. Well...maybe just a few things from knitpicks.....

Happy knitting - do things your way and don't let anybody tell you its wrong! 
Monday, February 14, 2005
  Happy as a (twisted?) purl Yup, twisting your purls is the way to go. The other night at Coffee Plantation we were discussing my stockinette. It, in fact, sucks. My tension is funky and the rows are completely uneven. I showed Brooke and Michelle an example.
Brooke: 'You must purl way different than you knit'
Me: huh...
Brooke: 'Do you move your index finger'
Me: Well, yeah, how else would I purl;
(the three knitters present contintental for those that may be confused at this point)
Brooke: 'There is another way'
Michelle: 'Ooh yeeeaaah! it was in an issue of Interweave, you wrap the yarn different'

The next 15 minutes were spent trying to remember how to purl without moving your index finger. I spent the next week trying to figure out what the hell they were talking about as I continue to struggle with stockinette and cursing my ribbi.

Then I remembered Hmmm...combined knitting. I wonder if this is what they were talking about. I looked, pulled out my knitting and tried. Purling felt comfy. Turned my work and proceeded to knit. Um, why are all my stitches twisted...this can't be right. So I click 'how to make a knit stitch.' Mind you, at this point I feel like a total moron. But wait....she's knitting into the back of the stitch. Proceeded again, with caution, and knit a few stitches. Hmmm..this looks really good. So, I google combined knitting, just to make sure. What do you know. The purl's are suppoooosed to be twisted and when you ktbl, it untwists them. I did a couple of rows and WOW, the difference is amazing. I don't think it will effect my gauge because I had been purling so tight that I could barely move the sitches up the addis, in an attempt to make my rows more even. But if it does, oh well. I've screwed this sweater up so many times, at this point it doesn't make a difference.

Valentine's Weekend?!?
Mike usually craps out on Valentine's Day and I don't even want to think about last year. Something about it being a trite hallmark holiday, I think many men use some similar excuse. Guess what, women don't care when, who, why or how, we want to be showered with affection.
Not this year. It started on Friday with freshly picked pink roses, chocolates and a hand grater. Hand grater kinda sounds like a wierd gift, but in this case it was so much more the thought. I had mentioned, for no particular reason, that a lemon zester was one of the few tools I don't own. I think this comment came while watching Tyler Florence zest a lemon. Mike, not knowing a lemon zester from a cheese grater, went out to find the right tool AND bought a KitchenAid, which he doesn't know from Sunbeam. This made me smile. He rented the Notebook and displayed it all lovely on the kitchen table. Oh and I walked into an apartment that was clean from top to bottom. Saturday was dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant and, he bought me pants. 

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