Monday, March 28, 2005
  What do you do when much to your surprise you receive an invition to a baby shower on Monday and the shower is on Friday? I suppose if you are Wendy or the Harlot you whip out something absolutely fabulous overnight without breaking a sweat. Let me just mention that this shower is for the bosses secretary and it is being thrown by the event planner in our marketing department. Um, yeah, I work for an academic institution and we have a marketing department and they are planning this shower...

So, do I stress about it and try to make the 5 hour baby sweater or something. Of course, in about a week it will be like a hundred degrees in AZ. Look to Last Minute Gifts and hope there is something in my stash. Or, do I hike it to target and pick up a few onsesies. Damn. How much do I want to impress my coworkers?

My test knit for SWTC is gorgeous. I mean the sketch of what it should look like when finished it gorgeous. I have no idea what it will look like when I am done. It has never been knit, so I have no visual aids to guide me and we all know that I already believe my brain shuts down when reading a pattern. In any case, it is a little baby doll tank done in SWTC's soy silk Phoenix. Wonderful yarn, it knits up so nice and light and soft. I had to learn a new cast on method, the tubular cast on. Very cute and so easy...once I found instructions a normal person could understand. The cast on is for ribbed patterns, so that the edge ends up being in the rib pattern.

I think I should be allowed to take the week off to make sure I get this shower gift done. 

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