Wednesday, June 29, 2005
  book meme 1. Total number of books I own? I live with a book collector, not by profession, by hobby. I've tried to put a moratorium on the book buying until I have a house with a book room...its not working out so well. If I can include multiple copies of the same book because the covers are different, somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 - 1000. I stopped counting at 500.

2. The last book I bought? The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fford and Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much. Purchased on the same day. Yes, I'm violating my own moratorium.

3. The last book I read? Its really five books, but the entire Hitchhiker's series. I've never been so ready to be done with a series. Oh, and I'm still trying to finish Anna Karenina....but oh, so depressing

4. Five books that mean a lot to me? This one is really hard. How does one choose only five books!
America, Democracy Inaction, Jon Stewart. I have never laughed so hard at any book EVER.
the Ramona books, Beverly Cleary. I couldn't get enough of the pesty Ramona as a kid.
The Great Gatsby
Mrs. Dalloway

- I'm sensing a trend in depressing literature. hmmm....let's trying something lighter
Bridge Jones Diary. 
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  Well....The lace is pretty Image hosted by Image hosted by

Just refer to page 138 of and I won't have to tell the whole story. Although I will say that I SWEAR it was going to be too small for me and now it wouldn't fit a gorilla. AND I was ALMOST right on gauge. I had to go up three needle sizes to even come close. I blame the yarn. Not that I don't love SWTC Oasis, it is soft and wonderful, and the colors are to die for and it stretches, a lot, when wet blocked. Yep, won't be wet blocking it again.

On a good note, the pattern was lovely and Annie is doubly lovely. One silly little question and she emailed me back right away with an answer. It is an easy, easy to follow and really only a moron could mess it up. Yeah, that would be me.
Image hosted by

What to do, what to do. I thought about soaking it in hot water to make it shrink, and haven't found any horror stories, I mean reflections on that idea in, so it may work. Or, just frogging the thing and using a more appropriate yarn that will get gauge on a more appropriate size needs.

While I ponder the solution to the hugeness of my silky, ribby, mini cabley, lacey corset. I decided to work on the cable and rib socks from spring 05 IK. There's nothing like a sock to make a girl feel right with the world.

Image hosted by
mmmm...lorna's laces...mmmmmm.

book meme...saving it for tomorrow. I promise I'll post it. 
Tuesday, June 07, 2005
  Don't tempt the knitting gods with questions of how or why....just be thankful when this happens.
Image hosted by in less than a week. It is 33x46 and it is done. Completely. I am not going to block it because it is *gasp* acrylic and won't block anyway, so I'm just going to throw it in the washer. I used 4 skeins of (two pastel green and two white)Carreon Simply Soft, and yes it is incredibly soft and for 2.50 a skein, the price can't be beat. Phew, obligitory knitting complete. Although, I think I may do a baby hat or two...but no pressure! 
Thursday, June 02, 2005
  bagbeckyATyahooDOTcom. Email her!
The president of the college walked into my office for the first time EVER and I was blogging. CRAP, haven't blogged in, let's not mention it, and he walks in TODAY. WTF. 
  Knitting and wine Let's not mention how long its been and just say that I'm officially the world's worst blogger. But I do have proof that I have been knitting. See...I'm a real knitter baby! Excuse the crappy picture, excuse all the crappy pictures in this post. But hey, crappy pictures are better than no pictures right!

Image hosted by
Soleil in its final form. It was really fun to knit. I only ripped out the lace edge once, not bad. I knit the smallest size on size 6 needles and used 3 1/2 skeins of Phoenix from SWTC. This yarn blocks really well. It softened and relaxed quite a bit, good thing otherwise it would've been to small! Its light enough and cool enough to wear even when its 110!

Next up. I bought what is quite possibly the most amazing knitting back in the amazing that it deserves an entry in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Yes, I'm currently on a Douglas Adams kick. Can't help it, British humor and sattire is the best. Here are the pictures...

Image hosted by Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

This bag is handcrafted by the ubertalented Becky Williams. It has specially made pockets, long and short, on the inside for long straight needles, dpns and will hold circs. A plastic pouch zippered on the inside holds all your knitting notions securely and there are big pockets for patterns. She knows I like red and yellow and found the perfect material. This bag is worth much more than I paid for it. We all understand the value of handcrafted items and the amount of time and effort that goes into them. If you want one, leave a comment and I will make sure Becky gets your request. Also, I may have her email address posted on the blog. And YES, she totally deserves this shameless plug. Not only is she talented, but she is a very cool chickadee, and its just an extra bonus to buy something from someone so nice.

Speaking of nice. If you are Suz's SP5, spoil her rotten. She totally deserves it. This is a much better picture, stolen right off her blog of the beeeaauuutiful custom dyed wool she sent me as my final surprise. Yesterday was her birthday, so run right over and wish her well. She's a doll.
Image hosted by

On to the wine part of this entry. The SnB'ers hung out at Red Kangaroo Wines. It was fabulous. I had to leave early. Damn stupid work. The wine was yummy (yep that's my official description- yummy), the cheese was good and the atmosphere was great and the best part, it was CHEAP. We definitely must go back, good wine at those prices could definitely be dangerous. 
Monday, May 09, 2005
  Hello out there Yes, Its been a month since my last post, I feel like I should go to confessional or something.

First things first. I don't yet know the identity of my super cool secret pal - Lily, but she has been incredibly great and creative and all around wonderful. Look at what she sent me...
Image hosted by This is just one of six skeins - 1200 yards of wool. But not just any wool. Custom dyed, especially for me, wool from Wool Soup. The colorway is called Madame Pele. Of course, I had to google Madame Pele and she is the Volcano Goddess responsible for creating the Hawaiian islands. Cool huh! The picture doesn't come close to doing it justice. Its a beautiful combination of reds and browns and oranges. I love it and can't wait to knit something gorgeous with it. Thank you Lily! Your the best EVER! I can't believe you had somebody create a colorway just for me!

I also finished Elegante, my test knit from SWTC. So adorable. I used Oasis, their ribbony type yarn and LOVED it. The pattern has to be reworked because the numbers were a little off, it came out really, really big. Yes, I swatched and yes I got gauge. But still really big.
Image hosted by

For my efforts, I received 5 balls of Oasis in Rose and am using it to knit Soleil. I had no idea this pattern was so popular in blogverse right know, but everywhere I look it see it. Here's my progress.
Image hosted by

While I was dropping off Elegante, Jonelle showed my their new yarn, Karaoke. My first impression. MANOS...but better!!! She decided that she wanted a booga bag to show it off, so guess who gets to knit and felt this lovely yarn. Oh, this yarn is so lucious. When I'm done, I see a Sophie bag in my future.
Image hosted by

Finally, I had a really good time in San Francisco. The conference went well and there was only one trip to the emergency room, a small outbreak of pink eye and once incident of a topless female in the stairwell. Ahh, to be a crazy college student again. As a student, I certainly did my fair share of partying at this conference and seem to remember a bagel heist, but never, ever, did I run around the hotel topless.

Ok, one last thing. Mike graduates on Friday. YEAH Mike. He's worked really hard the past year, not just on school but on so many other things, and even though he still does things that annoy me, like leave coffee cup rings on the counter, I'm very proud of him. 
Monday, April 11, 2005
  Knitting....what's that? Its been so long I think I may have forgotten how! Oh, and I bought onesies and diapers, new parents can never have too much of either.My life has been consumed with preparing for my annual Model UN conference. Every year I head to San Francisco and help run a Model UN conference that has anywhere between 400 and 500 students in attendance. Prior to going, I have to read policy papers and country profiles written by said students. This year I had score roughly 300 papers, a total of about 700 pages. 300 not so great papers, and any teacher out there will tell you that when you have to grade bad papers it makes you VERY grumpy. Coupled with the fact that the topics this year are a snooze fest. Let me just say that reading 70 pages on Harbor Affluent Waste and Biodiversity Hotpsots is not the most interesting thing in the world to do. I did this in front of the TV, but I couldn't figure out how to grade them and knit. It was horrible.

So, I leave Wed. morning and return Tues. night. In that time, even though I will be in San Francisco, I will never leave the hotel--except to run into downtown Burlingame to buy copy paper.

I managed to watch Sideways and I had no idea that Merlot is an inferior grape. Of course, my favorite is a good Pinot but I am also a big fan of the Merlot. Who knew I had such poor taste in wine! I almost hate to mention it lest Brooke admonish my pallet. Hee hee! In honor of my new found knowledge, I made an excellent Coq A Vin with a good Cab on Sunday. Thanks to Tyler for the yummy recipe.

And the highlight to my weekend. Tiger finally managed to win a Major and the Masters at that AND in extra holes. Yeah! Yes, I'm a golf fan. Its weird, I know. I hate watching basketball, football, baseball, hockey or any other contact sport. But I can watch all four days of a Major and be completely enthralled. I actually covered my eyes as Tiger putted for his win. I'm a geek.

One last thing, Outfoxed, Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, has helped to reaffirm my belief that he is the devil, Bill O'Reilly is his instrument of evil and CNN and MSNBC have become following footsoldiers. He's like Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate. The Daily Show may be the last place to get news.....its as real as anything else and at least its funny! 
Monday, March 28, 2005
  What do you do when much to your surprise you receive an invition to a baby shower on Monday and the shower is on Friday? I suppose if you are Wendy or the Harlot you whip out something absolutely fabulous overnight without breaking a sweat. Let me just mention that this shower is for the bosses secretary and it is being thrown by the event planner in our marketing department. Um, yeah, I work for an academic institution and we have a marketing department and they are planning this shower...

So, do I stress about it and try to make the 5 hour baby sweater or something. Of course, in about a week it will be like a hundred degrees in AZ. Look to Last Minute Gifts and hope there is something in my stash. Or, do I hike it to target and pick up a few onsesies. Damn. How much do I want to impress my coworkers?

My test knit for SWTC is gorgeous. I mean the sketch of what it should look like when finished it gorgeous. I have no idea what it will look like when I am done. It has never been knit, so I have no visual aids to guide me and we all know that I already believe my brain shuts down when reading a pattern. In any case, it is a little baby doll tank done in SWTC's soy silk Phoenix. Wonderful yarn, it knits up so nice and light and soft. I had to learn a new cast on method, the tubular cast on. Very cute and so easy...once I found instructions a normal person could understand. The cast on is for ribbed patterns, so that the edge ends up being in the rib pattern.

I think I should be allowed to take the week off to make sure I get this shower gift done. 

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